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Initial Thoughts

I am finally attempting my own blog! For many years now, I’ve always resorted to my journal to express myself. However, after much prayer and listening, I am finally ready to start sharing my thoughts and my heart to the world. Well, maybe not the entire world, but I know that somebody must be feeling and seeing something the way I do, or someone may be looking for another perspective.

My blog will cover many aspects of life, especially the ones that we all encounter. I will talk about self-discovery, personality development, friendships, lessons from nature, and all themes involving life like love, dreams, victory, failure, pain, & forgiveness. In other words, I will share with you the lessons I’ve gleaned along the way from my vantage point.

You are all free to share your thoughts, and even give me a different perspective of the matter I’m discussing. It’s more fun to learn from each other.

May we use our time online inspiring people rather than putting them down. May our life provide value to whoever we encounter. Many are confused; many are hurting. Let’s be the start of the change we want to see. This is the only chance we got.